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Taxies in Budapest compulsory to use yellow registration plates and taximeter, and they also give you a receipt. There are several reliable taxi companies in Budapest.  Avoid private taxies not using yellow plates, try ordering a major taxi company. A taxi ordered by phone is about 15% cheaper than taxies called directly on the street.

The total price is made up of 3 different parts: the basic charge (300-400 HUF), a per kilometer charge (240-340 HUF per kilometer), and the waiting charge. Taxies from Ferihegy Airport using fix fares according to 4 geographical zones in Budapest (3000-4300 HUF). The journeys will also be metered, and if the meter shows a lower fare, then passengers will only pay the lower fare.

Reliable taxi companies in Budapest:

Budataxi: 233-3333
Budapest Taxi: 433-3333
Citytaxi: 211-1111
Főtaxi: 222-2222
Taxi 2000: 200-0000
Tele 5 Taxi: 355-5555
Rádiótaxi: 377-7777
6×6 Taxi: 266-6666
Zónataxi (Ferihegy Airport): 365-5555