Csillaghegy Baths

Csillaghegy Baths


Open: 9 – 19

Water temperatures: 21, 22, 25 °C

Pools: Two open-air baths and a children pool

Water surface area: 782, 113, 370

Water mineral content: Natural mineral water with calcium, magnesium and hydrogen-carbonate

Price: adults 1200 HUF;  children, senior citizens 1000 HUF

Name: Csillaghegy Baths / Árpád Swimming Pool (Csillaghegyi Fürdő/Árpád Uszoda)

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

Location: Óbuda, III. district

Transport: HÉV and bus 42

Address: Budapest, Pusztakúti út 3.

Phone: 1/ 250-1533

(Photos: Budapest Tourism Office) 

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