Red Hedgehoge House

Red Hedgehoge House

Located at No3 András Hess Square, the building gained its name from the Reg Hedgehog Inn which was located in it, and which, up to 1785, was the only such establishment within the castle – from 1760 it also served as Buda’s first theatre.

The building was formed by the merging of three medieval houses near the start of the 1700’s.

The 19th century alterations, in the Classicist style, led to its present form.

There are still numerous Gothic and Baroque features to be seen on parts of the building. Restorations carried out in 1959 brought to light a Gothic window which indicates that a two-level building existed on the site as early as 1260-70.


Attraction: The Red Hedgehoge House (Vörös Sün ház)

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

Location: Buda, I. district

Transport: M2 Moszkva tér and várbusz (castle bus)

Address: Budapest, Hess András tér 3.

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