Customs in Hungary

Customs in Hungary


In addition to personal travel luggage, limited non-commercial quantities of goods may be brought into Hungary duty free: 

Alcohol – 1 liter of high proof spirits, 1 liter of wine and 5 liters of beer

Tobacco – 250 cigarettes, or 50 cigars, or 250g tobacco

Coffee, tea, cocoa and other spices – up to 1kg each (excluding paprika and its mixtures)

Other Goods – Customs duty does not apply if  the total value of the goods, in addition to the personal travel luggage, does not exceed 27,000 Ft

Pets – Accompanying pets must have health and vaccination certification dated no more than one week prior to arrival.

Appliances – photo camera, non-professional video camera, laptop computer, portable typewriter, portable musical equipment with the necessary accessories – such as disks, records, photographic films up to 10 rolls.

Hungarian Customs Office  

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