The Benefits of a Door To Door Budapest Airport Transfer

Budapest airport is some 22 km from the city and is served by both local taxis and a bus shuttle that can get you to the center of Budapest. On paper, Budapest airport transfer looks pretty solid. However, as most things around, what’s on paper doesn’t match what is in real life.

For example, not all taxi drivers speak English, so explaining to them where you are going and asking them about their rate can easily end up with a misunderstanding or no agreement at all. At the same time, the airport bus that goes from the airport to the city doesn’t operate 24/7. And during peak hours, it is packed with people. That can mean only two things, you either get to stand on your feet for the duration of the ride, or wait for his next round. Either way, it can be inconvenient.

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Fortunately, there is a pretty solid alternative to that. You can get Welcome Pickups from a reliable service at the Budapest airport that holds many benefits over the other types of transportation. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Pre-agreed fee and no hidden costs. Pre-book your airport transfer, and the fee will be set in stone no matter what. It won’t matter if your flight is running late, no charges for luggage, no extra charges for traffic. One simple fee to get you from the airport to the city of Budapest.
  • Welcome pickups only work with drivers that are well-mannered, professional, and speak English. If asked they can give you a piece of advice or a tip on how to better find your way around the city, or get to a specific address. They will be waiting for you on the exit gateway and will personally take care of your luggage. When you arrive, you will be able to spot them easily as they will carry a sign with your name on it.
  • There are both minivans and sedan cars available to the users. That’s in case you travel in a group, or you got plenty of luggage. If needed, it is possible to rent multiple vehicles at once. That’s if you travel as part of a larger group.
  • Welcome Pickup also offers 24/7 support for its users. They are available both via email or phone. Whatever the issue, from wherever (Budapest or some other airport where they operate), they will instantly respond to your question or whatever request related to their services.
  • There are no credit card surplus, booking fee or any hidden charges. You have the peace of mind while booking the taxi.

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Standard airport taxi and other similar services got nothing on welcome pickup and their services. Standard airport taxi services often overcharge their customers, and only a few of their drivers speak English. Other taxi prices are pretty dynamic as well; it’s hard to tell when they might spike. All of them are legit issues, and problems that welcome pickup have solved so that you don’t have to worry about.