Budapest Travel Guide

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  • Budapest Baths

    The honourable title of our capital is not a usual o­ne. The denomination is an indication, similar to those distinguished titles awarded to high-grade families or communities, of the recognition and a privilege to its bearer. Making Budapest Baths a “Spa City” was a long process of raising its’ natural treasures to a noteworthy rank.

  • The Benefits of a Door To Door Budapest Airport Transfer

    Budapest airport is some 22 km from the city and is served by both local taxis and a bus shuttle that can get you to the center of Budapest. On paper, Budapest airport transfer looks pretty solid. However, as most things around, what’s on paper doesn’t match what is in real life.

  • Budapest wellness

    Budapest is popularly known as the City of Spas. The city houses more thermal and medicinal water springs than any capital city in the world. The city features 118 springs which provide more than 70 million liters of thermal water per day and the water temperatures are in between 21 and 78 degrees Celsius.

  • Everything You Wanted To Know About Pub Crawling in Budapest

    Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe and the capital of Hungary. Spread on both sides of the great river of Danube; it features a remarkable number of historical landmarks. As a result, tourists are pouring in the city 24/7, 365 days of the year. From budget backpackers to some of […]

  • Széchenyi Baths

    Széchenyi Thermal Baths, in Budapest is one of the largest bath complexes in Europe with its 21 pools.

  • Top 8 Things to do in Budapest

    We collected the best things to see and do in Budapest: sightseeing, tours, events, restaurants, nightlife, pubs and more. So let’s see what are the best eight things to do and see in Budapest.

  • Gellért Hill

    Gellért Hill is a very popular beauty spot, the top of which can be accessed via tourist tracks from several sides.

  • Király Baths

    The construction of the baths began in the year 1565. Király Thermal Baths is a small Turkish bath in the city centre of Budapest.

  • Budapest Attractions – Danube River and Margaret Island

    Danube Bridges Eight road bridges and two railway bridges cross the Danube within the precincts of the city. These bridges form an inalienable part of the city-scape. The bridges in the city-centre – the Margaret (Margit), Chain (Lánc),

  • Budapest Attractions – Buda

    Budapest Attractions – Buda

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