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Aquincum Museum

Aquincum Museum- Budapest

Remnants of the Roman Civilian Town

The civilian town at Aquincum probably evolved towards the end of the 1st century – reaching its zenith during the 2nd and 3rd centuries.

The archaeological excavations which have uncovered about one-third of this ancient walled town, have, beside the dwellings, also unearthed the remnants of public buildings – particularly those of public baths.

The majority of dwellings were serviced with a reticulated water supply and drainage system, and had under-floor central-heating.


The Museum (which dates from 1894), and the surrounding ruins, provide an opportunity to study the surviving monuments from this Roman town.

The exhibition in the Museum displays a variety of relics uncovered at the site, both of practical and of a cultic nature. The reconstructed, famous Aquincum water-organ, merits a special mention.


Attraction: The Aquincum Museum and the Remnants of the Roman Civilian Town (Aquincum Múzeum)

City: Budapest

Location: Óbuda, III. district

Transport: HÉV and bus 86

Address: Budapest, Záhony utca 7

Phone: 1/ 250-1650



Open: 15-30 Apr: 9-17; 1 May-30 Sept: 9-18; 1-31 Oct : 9-17 Closed: Mon

Price: 900 HUF adult, 450 HUF student, 500 HUF photo, 1500 HUF video

Guided tours: 550-2100 HUF


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