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Communist Budapest Tour

Communist Budapest Tour


The way it was comrade! This raved about tour will take you on a journey back in time and shows you what life was like during the 50 years of communism. Your tour guide will summarize how it all started, how big brother told us what to do and what not to do and teaching you about life behind the iron curtain. Learn details how children were brought up, what families lived like, how and where they could travel, how long it took to get a passport and many other interesting experiences from black markets to banana lines.

You will then visit the famous outdoor Statue Park (where all the communist statues were displayed after the change in 1990) for a guided tour learning the symbolism of the statues from Lenin, Marx and Engels, friendships and liberations. Your guide will cover the ideas behind them and where they were placed in the city and for what reasons. Also at the park you will visit some exhibitions of communism related themes that is ever changing along with a real Trabant car that was originally designed to be a covered motorcycle and became a trademark as the Hungarian family car!

Also included on your tour is a visit to a private exhibition room, where we will introduce you to the real features of a Hungarian home through relics to typical furniture and furnishings. Furthermore, view an extensive collection of many communist related relics, such as red and blue passports, party member's registration book, pins, medals, currency and huge placards to help your understanding of the propaganda Hungary once lived within.


April 01 to December 31
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

January 01 to March 31
Friday and Saturday

Unavailable Dates:

  • January 01 (New Years Day)
  • December 25 – 26 (Christmas)

Departure Point: Tour commences at Deak Square in front of the church steps. The meeting point is easy to locate and your guide will be waiting for you. Departure Time: Departs at 10:30am. Please be ready at 10:15am. Return details: Tour ends near to meeting point Hotel Pickup: Not provided

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