Gellért Hill

Gellért Hill 


Gellért Hill is a very popular beauty spot, the top of which can be accessed via tourist tracks from several sides.

This dolomite hill, towering over the Danube between the Elizabeth (Erzsébet) and Liberty (Szabadság) Bridges, offers panoramic views of the Danube Valley and over Pest. Reaching an elevation of 235m at its highest point, the cliff-face overlooking the Danube rises a sheer 130m above the river.


According to legend some of the pagan members of the community, in 1046, not wishing to be converted to Christianity, rolled Bishop Gellért to his death from the top of the Hill in a sealed barrel – hence the name of the hill.

There are a number of medicinal springs located at the foot of the Hill which, amongst others, feed the Gellért, Rudas and Rác Baths.


The 220m long, 45-60m wide Citadel was erected on the top of Gellért Hill by the Habsburg forces, following the suppression of the 1848-9 uprising.

Exhibitions, covering a number of different themes, can be seen within the inner courtyard and outside the walls of the Citadel. Since the 1960’s, the Citadel has served as a tourist attraction, which, besides the exhibitions, also boasts a hotel and several restaurants.


Attraction: Gellért Hill (Gellérthegy)

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

Location: Buda, XI district

Transport: tram 47, 49

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