Matthias Church

Matthias Church


The Matthias Church (Mátyás Church) is one of Budapest’s, and Hungary’s, most important religious monuments. Numerous important historical events have taken place within its walls.

Known officially as Buda Castle’s  Church of Our Lady Mary, or as Buda Castle’s Coronation Church  – it is commonly referred to as  the Mátyás church. The exact date of its foundation is not known, but it was probably built during the time of King Bela IV – in the middle of the 13th century –  in the Early-Gothic style. The size and main features of the church’s layout were determined by King Zsigmond and King Mátyás during the 15th century.


Under the Turkish occupation, which lasted approximately 150 years, it was converted into a mosque; after the recapture of the Castle, it was rebuilt in the Baroque style. The church gained its final form during the rebuilding carried out at the end of the 19th century.

The vaulting, dating from the Middle Ages, was so badly damaged that it required renovations; based on the plans of Frigyes Schulek, these were carried out in the Neo-Gothic style.


Attraction: Matthias Church (Mátyás-templom)

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

Location: Buda I. district

Transport: M2 Moszkva tér and várbusz

Address: Budapest, Országház u. 14

Phone: 1/ 489-0716



Open: Mon-Fri 9-17, Sat 9-12, Sun 13-17

Price: 650 HUF

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