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Ruins of a Dominican Nunnery

Ruins of a Dominican Nunnery – Budapest

The Dominican nunnery founded by Béla IV. in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the Isle of Hares (former name of the Margaret Island) was the most prominent ecclesiastical institution of the island , and also the richest nunnery of utmost importance in the Hungarian kingdom.

Its wealth and the miracles attributed to the person of the king’s daughter Margaret contributed to its fame, and made the institution a religious house for the daughters of the highest rank aristocracy. The ruin site of the former monastery is one of the most significant medieval monastic complexes of the Hungarian capital.

Attraction: Ruins of a Dominican Nunnery (Domonkos kolostor)
City: Budapest
Location: Margaret Island (Margitsziget), XIII. district
Transport: Tram 4, 6: Margitsziget
Address: Budapest, Margaret Island (Margitsziget)

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