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Uri Street

Úri Street

Once known as Mindszent Street, Úri Street runs between Kapisztrán and Disz Squares, on the western side of Castle Hill. Most of its houses date from the Middle Ages. Some of the buildings are Baroque style dwellings, built onto medieval foundations; a small proportion still retain their predominantly medieval appearance

Strolling along Úri Street, it is worth taking a look at House No 31 – its façade, inclusive of the seat niches, windows and entrances, is almost completely Gothic in style.

Nos 13, 19 and 32 also merit attention.

No 49, which once constituted a convent built for the St. Clare Nuns of the Franciscan Order, now houses institutions of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

Location: Buda, I. district

Transport:M2 Moszkva tér and Várbus (castle bus)


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