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Hercules Villa

Hercules Villa

The Hercules Villa is located to the south of the civilian town of Aquincum, in Óbuda. Dating from Roman times, this dwelling was one of a number uncovered during the archaeological excavations conducted in the 1950’s.

It obtained its name from the floor mosaics depicting the myths of Hercules. The remnants of the villa can be found among the other ruins in the archaeological site, however the mosaics have been transferred into two protective buildings.

The site belongs to the Aquincum Museum.


Attraction: The Hercules Villa

City: Budapest

Location: Óbuda, III. district

Transport: Bus 86

Address: Budapest Meggyfa utca 21.

Phone: 1/ 250-1650



Open: May 1- Sept 30: Tue-Sun 10-18, Apr 15 – May 1(applying in advance) and Oct 1 – Oct 30: Tue-Sun 10-17, Nov 1 – Apr 14 closed

Permanent exhibition:  Coloured mosaic floors of the 2nd and 3rd centuries