Located in the central part of Hungary, in Pest county, about 30 km east of Budapest. Gödöllő is easy to reach from Budapest as it lies at the end of the HÉV suburban railway line (Budapest-Gödöllő HÉV Timetables ). Gödöllő is famous for its palace, which is one of Hungary’s largest palaces.

The Grassalkovich Palace was the summer residence of the Habsburg royal family. The palace was built in the 1740-s in the baroque style by Antal Grassalkovich.

The two-storey, U-shape building with 130 rooms was a popular residence for the emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, Franz Joseph and his wife Elisabeth (Sissy). The palace houses the exhibition of the Gödöllő Museum, now.

Some kilometers east of the town can be found the small village of Máriabesnyő, which is administratively belongs to Gödöllő. The church of Máriabesnyő is a famous place of pilgrimage.

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