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Hungary Card

Hungary Card

You can use the Hungary Card in two ways.

1) You may claim certain discounts simply by showing the card, taking advantage of the opportunity an unlimited number of times during the validity period.

2) Other discounts are available to you only a limited number of times. In order to take advantage of these reduced or free services, use the vouchers you find in the voucher book you received with the card. Each voucher gets you one discount – usually for one person, at times for everybody in your company. Just hand your card and booklet over to the service provider. They will tear out a voucher, and if applicable, stamp or date the remaining part. Please keep your card and booklet ready, as in case of a control it serves as proof of your eligibility. Reduced fare tickets are valid only together with the corresponding card and booklet. You can purchase reduced fare tickets or services, as long as you have a correspondent voucher in your book. Therefore, take the card and the voucher book with you every time you set out on a trip.

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The Hungarian Tourism Card and coupons entitle visitors to Hungary to extensive price reductions for getting acquainted with Hungary`s tourist and cultural offers. The card is valid for thirteen months and is transferable.
Some of the privileges: 50% down on all lines of the two Hungarian railway companies on 7 occasions on all interurban bus lines on 6 occasions, on the Balaton boats and on toll motorways for two adults.

Further price reductions can be obtained at several sites of accommodation, restaurants, in two Budapest taxi companies (on 4 occasions), when renting passenger cars and museum admissions.
The Hungary card costs 7935 Forints (cca. $35).


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