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Visegrád Trip



Located in the Danube Bend, about 40 kilometers north of Budapest, the small picturesque town of Visegrád is famous for its medieval royal fortress ensemble: the royal palace, the Solomon’s tower and the citadel. Visegrád was the royal seat of the Hungarian kings during the 14th century.  In 1335, a historical meeting took place among the Czech, Hungarian and Polish kings at the Visegrád palace.

The fortress was built Charles Robert of Anjou in the 13th century after the Mongol invasion. The fortress defensive system consisted of three main parts: the water bastions, the lower defense line with the Solomon’s tower and the citadel (also called Upper Castle).

The citadel and the reconstructed royal palace house the Visegrád Museum, now. The citadel, standing on the top of the 328 m high hill, offers a magnificent panoramic view of the entire Danube Bend. Visegrád is also an ideal place for the excursions into the north part of the Pilis Mountains.


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