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Premonstratensian Monastery Budapest

Premonstratensian Monastery and a Chapel

The small chapel built in Historical style on the place of the former Premonstratensian monastery of royal foundation on the Isle of Hares from before 1225, preserves the memory of rich medieval monastic life. The Premonstratensian provostship was founded very likely by András II., on the Isle of Hares (former name of the Margaret Island).

The Premonstratensian provostship was abandoned because of the Turkish raids in 1526 and in the oncoming period the building turned into ruins. These ruins were excavated by Károly Lux who had the actual Premonstratensian chapel reconstructed.

Attraction: Ruins of a Premonstratensian Monastery and a Chapel (Premontrei kolostor)
City: Budapest
Location: Margaret Island (Margitsziget), XIII. district
Transport: Tram 4, 6: Margitsziget
Address: Budapest, Margaret Island (Margitsziget)

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